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In the Current Issue

Scratchbuilding the Montana Flour Mill
at Harlowton, Part 1

by Dan Lewis, MMR

A Model Railroad is “Never” Finished
by Jeff Lee, MMR

Gunnison Division of the South Park Line, Part 2
by Jeff Cahill, photos by Bob Foltz

DCC Workshop
Additional Components
by Timothy J. Horton

Floor Tiles
by Buster Bush

A Kitbashing Adventure
Transforming Woodland Scenics Fire Station No. 3 into a City Hall
by Richard Francaviglia

The Short & Nn3arrow West Side Lumber Company
Heisler No. 3 – The “Dictator” – And Fairwell to Stove Pipe Wells
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101


On the cover: Built in the early 1900s from locally quarried stone, the Montana Flour
Mill stands as the first industry on the “Big Jim Track” headed northward on the North Montana Line of the Milwaukee Road. Read more about Dan Lewis’ scratchbuilt flour mill, beginning on page 14.