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Review: Getting Started in 2MM Finescale Modeling
2MM Scale Association Starter Kit
by Tom Knapp

Quick Notes
Scratch Building 101
by Dennis Murphy

HIRK Railroad
by Ryan Harrington

Sacramento Southern Railroad
A Perfect Prototype for a Masterpiece, Part 2
by Kaustav Chatterjee

DCC Workshop
Speed Matching Locomotives
by Timothy J. Horton

The Short & Nn3arrow
Modeling the Pacific Coast Railway (Part 14) Buildings for Avila, plus a Steam Shovel for Bitumina
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

In Pursuit of WOW!
Part 12 – Locomotives for Export, or Reclaiming Your Junque – The Power Trucks
by Dennis Machlica

On the cover: The shops at Baker, Colorado are normally a busy place, but the pace has picked up today. You see, the date is July 3rd and if we don’t get all the work done today, then the crew won’t get the 4th off (as planned). And we wouldn’t want to miss all those backyard barbecues tomorrow! And with the weather picture-perfect, everyone is moving as fast as they can. See you at the celebration! You can find more details in Dennis Murphy’s Quick Tips, starting on page 18.