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Weathering, Details, and Mini-Scenes
by Dan Lewis, MMR

The Pickle Car Kit
(Here Comes The Pickles!)
by Dennis Murphy

Planning a Harbor Front
Part 2
Article by Dave Pomarenski, Photos by Dave Pomarenski & Dennis Betschieder

Appalachian Flood Loading in N scale
by Gavin Lantz

The Short & Nn3arrow
A Model Railroader’s Portable Workbench
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

On the cover: Dan Lewis notes: “Those like me, who are George Sellios fans, will recognize the profile of this structure, one that George modeled years ago on the basis of a photo from East Boston in 1919. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I scratch-built this N scale version in George’s honor. It isn’t an exact replica, but it follows closely the basic architectural design.” You can find much more of Dan Lewis’ structure work in Weathering, Details, and Mini-Scenes, starting on page 14.