May-June 2015 issue cover

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In the Current Issue

Model Railroading
by Ryan Harrington

Build A Wind Turbine
Blade Train
by Jim Reising

2015: Warm Days in Calgary
by Walt Huston

Non-Revenue Cars
Part 5: Creating A Work Fleet For Your Layout
by Timothy J. Horton

I Needed A Water Car
by Walt Huston

Red Dirt Module
The BNSF Transcon in the Oklahoma Panhandle:
Two Bridges Across the Wash
by Pete DuChene

The Short & Nn3arrow
Building a Nn3 NTRAK Module, Part 1:
“Improving” Walthers’ Glacier Gravel
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

The Electronics Workshop
Diode Matrix, Part 1: Twin-Coil Switch Machines
by Bob Kendall

On the cover: Moyer falls is a particularly busy place with all the east and west long haul traffic meeting with local train routes for tourists and industry. Here we see an SD-45 hauling goods, a pair of C-30-7s hauling coal, and the E9s pulling a passenger train past the falls. Ryan Harrington’s layout pictorial starts on page 16.