May-June 2015 issue cover

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In the Current Issue

The Wequetequock & Westerly Railroad
A Nostalgia-Driven Theme
Article by Bill Lazarek
Photography by Rob Moore

The Summerfield & Highland Railroad Story
Article by Lewis Dunning
Photography by Greg Blume and Rob Nunn

Non-Revenue Cars
Part 4
by Timothy J. Horton

Build a Coal Truck Dump
by John Phenicie

Saved from the Junk Box!
A “Renovated” DPM Building
by Lee Weldon

The Electronics Workshop
by Bob Kendall

The Short & Nn3arrow
The Showcase Miniatures
Class B 30-40 Ton Shay
by Thomas Knapp, MMR #101

Review: JAX Pewter Black
by Tom Knapp

On the cover: Small farms with a dozen cows, a few pigs, and some ducks and chickens were numerous in eastern Connecticut in the 1940s. The cornfield was created by carving strips of wood almost off the sides of matchsticks. Bill Lazarek’s layout pictorial starts on page 16.